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Your privacy on this site

Data collected by the content management system

This site's content management system respects your privacy, and strives to be transparent regarding its use of cookies, personal data, and third-party integrations or analytics.

Content management system cookies

All potentially personally-identifying cookies are opt-in, and you may view and delete your cookies on the current cookies page. You can also adjust your cookie settings on the cookie authorizations page.

Type Description Automatic expiration
System cookiesUsed by this website only for necessary system functions such as recording consent to other cookies.
These cookies are only sent to this site when you visit it, and we do not share or retain their data.
after 7 days
User interface cookiesUI state cookies, used to keep track of the user interface state and your user interface preferences.
These cookies are only sent to this site when you visit it, and we do not share or retain their data.
after 14 days
CSRF protection cookiesThese cookies are necessary for the security of some site features. They store temporary tokens that are used in security checks that prevent attackers from executing actions on your behalf or tricking you into performing unintended actions, or to prevent forms from being submitted more than once.when you close your browser
User authorization cookiesUsed by this website for remembering and verifying the identity of the currently signed in user.
These cookies' contents may be stored and logged for security and troubleshooting purposes. They will be associated with personally identifiable information including the date, time, your public IP address, your browser's user agent string, and your account. Once you sign in you are able to view these records on your account's authorization log.
after 60 days

Self-hosted analytics

I currently embed my own analytics scripts powered by the open source software Matomo. My Matomo server is configured to respect your privacy and doesn't do anything crazy. It's really just a convenient way for me to get more in-depth stats than I could easily get from Apache, and in a nicer interface than most log parsers. The following privacy-conscious configuration options are enabled:

  • Anonymizing the last two bytes of your IP address, so even I can't see anyone's full IP.
  • Stripping query parameters from referrer URLs to avoid capturing any information about you if you are referred here from another site that keeps identifying info in its URLs.
  • Raw data is deleted after 30 days and only aggregate data is kept long-term.
  • Do not track headers are respected.