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Unearthing relics

Well, not only is my site back up, but I've got some fancy new tools added to let me get things integrated that used to live on my old domain. There are a few interesting projects back there, rattling around in various archives and backups. I'd like to get them back online, even if only for posterity.

In the name of that, I've added a some spiffy tools to this site that'll let me build and post/embed arbitrary JS, SCSS, and PHP code from within the CMS. That way I can keep everything under one roof, as it were. It's actually pretty cool. I've now got a system that pops up little code editors in separate windows, and I can drag and drop the associated files into my rich text editor to place them into pages. It's neat.

Screenshot of the PHP editor built into the CMS

A screenshot of what I see while building an arbitrary PHP script, which I can then embed anywhere on my site through the CMS using a bbCode-type shortcode. It's neat.

For example, this little demo script that spits out a random number: 931252966

I've obviously still got some work to do on theming, and there are still a few performance gremlins. Overall things are going really well though, and I'm excited to have a write-only web presence coming back into being.