I just put up some new designs for printing your own notebook paper! I’ve also found a paper that I’m really enjoying for this purpose. First, the new designs, because everybody loves dot grid paper, right? These are all designed to be printed double-sided, so there are two identical pages per file. There’s a grey version for saving that precious color ink, but I personally prefer the blue. I like blue marked paper because it’s easy to remove the grid after scanning if I want to.

Mechanical pencil on dot grid paper

Download the PDFs: Blue / Grey / all versions

I’ve also found a paper that I’m really enjoying for printing my own notebook paper on. It’s thicker than most printer paper, has a nice surface texture for writing on with a pencil, and is very opaque.

Hammermill Premium Inkjet and Laser

The only downside is that it can’t be had at Amazon. I’d like something I can mailorder with Prime, so when the ream I’ve got is through I’ll be trying something else. I’ll probably stick with Hammermill though, because I’ve always had good experiences with their paper. I’m thinking I’ll try one of these:

Printing my own notebooks with Levenger Circa bindings is still generally working out amazingly well.